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Thursday, 20 June 2013

How to... Style Converse

I absolutely love Converse because you can wear them with practically any outfit. they can make an outfit appear more relaxed, as well as giving outfits a more preppy feel. Below i have created and listed some ways to style Converse. 

Outfit One

Wearing Converse with a dress can make your outfit more daytime based as it doesn't make it seem too glamorous. Teaming them with a floral hair accessory can help bring the items together and make the look complete.

Outfit Two

Team your Converse with a pair of black Skinny jeans and a band top. Bright Converse will inject some colour into your outfit or, if they're black, your look can seem more grungy and edgy. Stacked bracelets and rings can help your outfit seem more collected.

Outfit Three

Another way you can style your Converse is by wearing them with a high waist skirt. Pick a bright skirt and dark top and Converse (or dark skirt and bright top and Converse) to colour block your outfit. This will make your outfit seem more appropriate for the Summer.

Outfit one:
Multi Daisy Dress:   £55.00
Daisyt Headband: New Look   £3.99
Essie Blanc Nail Polish:   £7.99
Converse All Stars Navy High Top Boots:   £45.00

Outfit two:
Rolling Stones Top:   £30.00
Skinny Jeans:   £17.00
Black Mixed Media Bracelets: New look   £7.99
Converse All Star Red High Top boots:  £50.00

Outfit Three:
Black Crop Vest: New Look   £3.00
Lime Textured Skater Skirt: Quizclothing   £17.00
Floral Crown Headband:   £36.00
Topshop Cloak and Dagger Nail Polish: Topshop   £5.00
Red Carpet Manicure Gel Polish - Glitters   £9.50
Converse All Stars Black High Top Boots:   £42.00

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