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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Autumn Nail Polishes

I love wearing nail polish, whatever time of yer it is. However I do like to change the colours I wear when the seasons change as I feel it makes them look more on-trend. Here are my favourite colours to wear on my nails in the Autumn.

Topshop: Lacquered
BarryM Magnetic Nail Paint: Cosmic Glow
BarryM Gelly Nail Paint: Dark Green
Rimmel: Precious Stones
Bourjois: Taupe Classy

I chose all of these colours as I think the tone of them makes them compliment Autumn fashion really well. They all haave quite dark tones which makes them perfect for the Autumn, as the weather is getting colder. You can pull off dark tones in the Autumn much easier than you can in the Spring and Summer, so it's the perfect excuse to wear them! 

I hope you liked this post and it helped  to give you some inspiration of what colours to wear on your nails this Autumn.

Beth x

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