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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Recent Beauty Purchases

Hey everyone! I've been pretty bad at posting on here lately as I haven't been writing a post every week, sorry about that. I'm going to return to writing a post at least once every week and have more of a routine :).

I went shopping recntly and bought a few beauty products, so I thought I'd share with you what i got and where i got them from!

The first products that i bought were these bubble baths and shower cremes from Superdrug. They were in a pack of six for five pounds, which I thought was a good offer. They all smell really nice (especially Strawberres & Cream!) and the packaging is really cute and feminine. Also, they're all available to buy individually in larger bottles, so this is a great way to find out which one I think smells the best.

 Whilst in Superdrug I finally found Maybelline's Baby Lips lip balm! I'm super excited about using these as everyone keeps saying how amazing they are and I've been trying to find some for ages. As well as this, they were on offer for two for five pounds, so I got four ;)

My last purchases from Superdrug were these two moisturisers from Simple. One is used in the morning, and you apply the night cream before going to bed. I love Simple as I have quite sensitive skin and their products don't contain any ingredients which may irritate your skin. Seeing as Winter's approaching too, I thought they'd come in handy to prevent Dry skin during the cold weather.

I found this shower gel whilst I was walking around Asda, and had to buy it as it smells incredible! I love anything that smells like coconuts because the smell reminds me of Summer and it's so refreshing. I know it's Autumn now and Summers ended, but at least I can still pretend ;)

 Also in Asda were these VO5 hair products, which were on offer for three for five pounds! Seriously, look for them the next time you go in Asda because that's such a good deal! I want my hair to have more body and volume to it as it can be quite flat, so I picked up a texturing powder which you apply to your roots and a volumising gel that you apply to towel dried hair. I've never tried these before so don't know how good they'll be, but I'm hoping they'll work and will probably do a review on them in the near future. I also got some weather resistant hairspray, which I think I'll be using quite a lot now that Summer has ended.

I hope you liked this post and look out for any reviews I may do on them in the future. Please leave any comments, as I love reading them :)

Beth x


  1. These are some amazing products! I've always loved VO5 stuff as well. Very lovely post!

    x leah symonne x

    1. Thank you :) I know they're amazing I love VO5 :) xx

  2. You've got some great things here! I love the original source shower gels. They smell amazing!! xx

    1. thanks :) I know they're great! x

  3. we love the baby lips but the pckaging here in Australia is different. yours looks a lot cuter!
    great reviews by the way

    1. Thank you :) is it? what do they look like? x