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Friday, 12 July 2013

Beauty Products suitable for Summer

Summer's finally here! At last we can finally ditch our woolly jumpers and switch them for dresses and shorts. Clothes aren't the only things we can change though, as the same concept applies to our beauty products too. Below I have listed various products which are great to use and are well suited to the Summer months. 

Sea Salt Spray
Sea Salt spray is designed to give your hair texture and create effortless beach waves, so is perfect for the Summer. The heat can affect our hair and make us feel like we don't want to spend a long time styling it, so salt spray is the perfect answer. Simply spray in your hair, scrunch for a while and you're ready to go!

BB Cream
BB Cream is designed to act as many face products in one. Foundation, Primer, Concealer, you name it. It gives a light, fresh coverage which means your makeup won't look heavy or patchy. you can also buy BB Creams which include SPF, so it's a great buy for the Summer.

Orange tinted Lipstick


Makeup products with an orange tint to them are ideal for the Summer because you can get away with brighter colours. Lipsticks with an orange tone are very popular during the Summer as they can make your look appear brighter and give a warmer tone.

Bright Nail Polish

Barry M

Leave your dark nail polishes for the Winter, and embrace the Summer Sun by wearing brighter tones on your nails. Colours such as yellow, orange and hot pink are on trend this Summer and will all help to complete your look and make it appear more light hearted and suited to the season.

Makeup Academy

Highlighter is designed to reflect light- so you will really notice the affect in the Summer- as well as make your face appear more radiant. Apply a small amount to the top of your cheekbones, down your nose and under your eyebrows as this is where the sun would naturally hit your face first, making your face look brighter and adding a natural glow to your skin

Bright Eyeshadows

In the Summer wearing bright eyeshadow is a great way to experiment with your appearance and help your look become more colourful. Eyeshadow Palettes with various different tones such as Deep Smoking by L'Oreal are a great choice as you can layer up different colours to create various different makeup looks. Also, by buying a palette, you can be sure that the colours you are using will compliment each other and look good if you decide to use more than one of the colours provided.

Feel free to leave any comments telling me Beauty Products which you feel are suited for the Summer.

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